Fabrica de Cultură IACM Construcții SA– UniCredit (outdoor)

Strada Triajului 1-3, Sibiu



Event Types

clasic, modern, experimental, circ, dans, concert

Fabrica de Cultură is one of the most ambitious architectural rehabilitation projects in Romania, through which a decommissioned factory was adapted to host a broad range of cultural events. Compartmentalized into three big halls, each displaying different particularities, Fabrica de Cultură presently hosts part of the heritage performances by the National Theatre in Sibiu, including “Faust”, directed by Silviu Purcărete. The Eugenio Barba Hall, named after the renowned Danish director who inaugurated this space with one of his shows, was designed in such a way as to adapt to the rules of the Italian, the Elizabethan, or the Kabuki stage.