I love the way you smell!

23 September , 19:00
Text: Neil Simon
Directed by: Șerban Puiu
Scenography: Iuliana Gherghescu
Cast: Ofelia Popii, Adrian Matioc, Ciprian Scurtea, Cristian Stanca, Eduard Pătrașcu
I Love The Way You Smell! is a sparkling comedy in three acts after a text by Neil Simon, one of the most acclaimed American playwrights and screenwriters. Winner of the Golden Globe and three Tony Awards, Neil Simon distinguishes by box office success world widely, due to his ability to create lifelike characters, highly comical and easily recognizable. The text staged in Sibiu focuses around three protagonists: Andy Hobart (Adrian Matioc), Norman Cornell (Ciprian Scurtea) and Sophie Rauschmeyer (Ofelia Popii). The story is set somewhere in San Francisco, in the 1960s, and revolves around a love triangle. Andy and Norman are two young men with radical ideology, sharing the same apartment, which serves as headquarters for their small business, the editorial office of Collapse newspaper. Sophie, a former Olympic swimmer, a supporter of US policy, moves into the apartment next door. It is love at first sight for Norman, but his feelings are not reciprocated. Given Norman’s obsession for Sophie, Andy decides to hire her only to determine his friend to continue writing for the newspaper. When Sophie falls for Andy, the newspaper and friendship between the two colleagues are in danger. The novelty of the production from Sibiu is the bringing in a fourth character, Lieutenant Burt Fenneman (Cristian Stanca), Sophie's fiancé, who is only mentioned in the original text in an exchange of words.
20 April 2011, Alba Iulia, Tour during the cultural partnership with AMBIENT (Adevărul, Alba24)
4 aprilie 2014, Deva (Glasul Hunedoarei)
Estimated Duration : 1h 30min
Premiere Date : 29-01-2011
Section : romanian