Micro-folie Sibiu

Micro-Folie is a cultural project designed by the French Ministry of Culture and coordinated by La Villette, which was first brought to Romania by the 2018 Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Conceived as a complex space that allows familiarization with the most important masterpieces hosted by French cultural institutions, as well as a space of learning through play, Micro-Folie (which has so far been implemented in almost 200 cities in the world) brings three complementary structures, each with its own particularities, to audiences of all ages: The Digital Museum, Virtual Reality and Fab Lab.

1. THE DIGITAL MUSEUM: This space brings together 500 masterpieces of 12 French cultural institutions and national museums (such as the Louvre, Pompidou Centre, Versaille, Musée d'Orsay, Paris Philharmonics, etc.) and gives visitors the chance to access, through tablets, information about the painting, the ballet, contemporary dance, opera or theatre shows, the architecture, the various objects included in universal heritage, as well as music pieces in the classic or modern repertory.

2. VIRTUAL REALITY: Equipped with state-of-the-art glasses, phones and headsets, visitors access around 40 videos on the Arte channel and experience 360˚ underwater explorations, flights over mountains, as well as music recitals or guided tours of renowned Western museums.

3. FAB LAB: Designed as a flexible space that works both as a toy library, and a workshop where children are supported by various trainers, this side of Micro-Folie offers participants the chance to use 3D printers and smart markers to create or customize different objects or drawings. Starting with 7 June 2019, we aim for Micro-Folie - Hotspot Cultural BRD Groupe Société Générale to become a permanent space of cultural interaction for audiences of all ages, hosted by Casa Artelor, thanks to ASTRA Museum. All the information within this virtual museum is available in Romanian and French and the data basis is continuously growing, as one of the objectives of this space is to digitalize and promote cultural values beyond country borders.