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Administrating cookies
Cookies help us to identify the device, the frequent mode of usage of the website or when you access your account through certain secure areas. We only use cookies which are necessary and functional in order to enable you a series of basic services. Tracing and using cookies are employed in order to offer the user a more valuable, useful and enhanced experience. Cookies are not viruses! They use plain text formats; they are not made up of fragments of code, thus they cannot be executed and cannot auto-roll. Consequently, they cannot be duplicated or replicated on other networks. Because they cannot serve such functions, they cannot be considered viruses.

These are the types of cookies we presently employ on our website:
Cookies which are absolutely necessary: some cookies are absolutely necessary in order to allow you to explore this website and to use its fundamental services and characteristics. Without cookies, for example, you will not be able to access certain secure areas or to track your online shopping basket. These cookies cannot be deactivated. 

Cookies for tracking and other optional cookies: as part of our website, we use cookies for tracking and performance in order to enable you a better website navigation experience. Information received through these cookies helps us to understand the manner in which our visitors use the website, to establish unique visitors or the average time spent visualizing this website or other websites in order to improve the quality of the content we present to you.

Due to their flexibility and the fact that the majority of the most frequently visited websites use cookies, they are almost inevitable. For example, deactivating cookies will not allow you to access the most widespread and visited websites worldwide, such as YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo.

Here is some advice for navigating effortlessly with the help of cookies:
Personalize your browser settings with respect to cookies in order to reflect a comfortable state from the point of view of security.

If you are not bothered by cookies and you are the only person who uses the computer/device, you can set long expiry dates for stocking navigation history and personal access data.

If you share access to a device, you may consider adjusting browser settings to erase individual browsing data every time you close the browser.

Constantly update anti spyware apps.

Make sure that your browser is always updated. Many of the attacks based on cookies are performed by exploiting the weak spots of outdated browser versions.

Cookies are everywhere and cannot be avoided if you wish to enjoy access to the best websites on the Internet – whether local or international.

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