Oscar and the Lady in Pink

24 September , 17:00
Text: Eric Emmanuel Schmitt
Directed by: Diana Fufezan
Translation: Vasile Şirli
Music: Vasile Şirli
Cast: Diana Fufezan
“It is, undoubtedly, the most autobiographical of my works (…) I was myself Oscar, the child who was not spoken to because of his frightening illness, the child who suffers from the silence of those around him, of the sky, of the questions remained unanswered, but who continues to be animated with the immense joy of living. Oscar and the Lady in Pink is an anthem for life. Regardless of the life span, one’s existence should be rich, delightful, filled with strong and basic feelings of humor, of questions and laughter. This capacity to embellish the daily life, this strength to survive, is also an anthem of the imagination.” (Eric Emanuel Schmitt)
6 October 2011, Târgu Mureș
14 March 2016, ”Romanian Embassy to Luxembourg”
23 March 2016, ”Romanian Embassy to Beijing,” China
14 December 2018, ”Virgil Flonda Theatre Festival”, Zalău
Estimated Duration : 1h 05min
Premiere Date : 06-10-2009
Section : romanian