The 20th of November

28 September , 19:00
Text: Lars Noren
Directed by: Eugen Jebeleanu
Transaltion: Eugen Jebeleanu, Ali Deac
Video: Andrei Cozlac
Scenography Consultant: Velica Panduru
Assistant to the Director: Corina Predescu
Project manager: Claudia Maior
Cast: Ali Deac
The 20th of November is the story of a teenager transformed by the society into an executioner.

On 20 November 2016, in Emsdetten, an 18-years-old teenager returns to his former school, being on the rampage and starts shooting as many people as he can, including himself.
Based on this true story, Lars Norén creates a documented fictional play illustrating the ruined life of an abused young man. The reason for the incommensurable revenge are the violent words being addressed during his childhood. Norén’s script is about nowadays capitalist Western Europe confronting with social identity problems, such as terrorism and the 2015 immigration wave.
In The 20th of November, Lars Norén analyzes the psychology and mechanism of violence which determines the individual to pass from the position of an assaulted person to aggressor and also the repercussions of a flawed education that can create monsters.
An impactful and poetic script about the problems of the modern society.
A performance presenting a broken adolescence.
6-9th October 2016, Iași, ”International Theatre Festival for Young Audience Iași”
4 – 6 October 2017, Bucharest, Teen Fest
Estimated Duration : 1h
Premiere Date : 14-05-2016
Section : romanian
Age limit : Performance not recommended to those under the age of 12