Adrian Matioc



1992 - 1995 – Theatrical Art Faculty, Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Acting department


Partners in crime - role: Giles
The ball - role: Multiple roles
Not now, darling! - role: Dl. Gilbert Bodley
Camino Real - role: Don Quijote / Lord Mulligan
Get them, devil! - role: Manager
Happy Holidays - role: Barny, Ted
A marriage proposal - role: Ciubukov
The Iranian Conference - role: Philip Rasmussen
Carnival stuff - role: Mache Rătăchescu ( Crăcănel)
A flea in her ear - role: Augustin Ferraillon
Platonov - role: Serghei Pavlovici Voiniţev
Plasticine - role: other characters
The Scarlet Princess - role: Nagoro
Lulu - role: Alwa
Electra - role: Corifeul
The ghost is here - role: Torii 2
Marat / Sade - role: Jean-Paul Marat
Giraffes. Urban fable #1 - role: Washing machine seller
Hamlet - role: Polonius
Hedda Gabler - role: Judge Brack
The Broken Jug - role: Tümpel, Ruprecht’s father
Oidip - role: Messenger
Mozart steps - role: Dance- actor
A summer day - role: The Gentleman
Moroi - role: The ghost
Nora - role: Torvald Helmer
Three sisters - role: Cebutkin
J'irai mourir dans les Carpates, screenplay by  Thomas Pujol and Antoine de Maximy, directed by: Antoine de Maximy, produced by: Rouge International și Bonne Pioche, 2019
Noapte.Iulie.Joi (short film), screenplay by Marius Bogdan and Lavinia Bălulescu, directed by: Marius Bogdan, Parada Film, 2018
The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova, screenplay by Michael Wathling, Zack Bernbaum, directed by: Zack Bernbaum,  2017
Somewhere in Palilula, directed by: Silviu Purcărete, 2010
2012 – Best Supporting Actor for Mache Răzăchescu Sprawly, in the show Carnival Stuff, Romanian Comedy Festival – festCO, 10th edition
2004 – TopFest Târgu Mureş nomination for Best Actor
2003 – Best Actor for the Khlestakov role - The Government Inspector by N. V. Gogol, staged by Teatrul Municipal of Baia Mare at ATELIER International Theatre Festival in Sf. Gheorghe