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After Maxim Gorki
Adaptation: Dumitru Acriș
Cast: Besemeonov - Daniel Bucher, Akulina - Johanna Adam, Tatjana - Ioana Cosma, Nil - Gyan Ros Zimmermann, Percichin - Daniel Plier, Elena - Emőke Boldizsár, Katja - Fabiola Petri, Polea - Eva Frățilă, Piotr - Ștefan Tunsoiu

Directing assistance: Patrick Imbrescu
A family is on the verge of breaking up. The parents cannot understand their children's need for freedom and the children cannot understand the rigidity of the parents who want to give them responsibility. Traditional ideas collide with the development of society, and everyone dreams of an increasingly uncertain future. Who is right? Who will be saved? What does a family mean when the truth one believes in is no longer the same as the truth the other believes in?
Dumitru Acriș's production puts the tensions between the generations in a cruel light, against the backdrop of a changing world driven by the pleasures of an idealised life. The German Section's production invites us to an immersive experience that questions the limits of tolerance, interpersonal relationships and the sincerity of feelings in an increasingly unstable social context.

"The performance shows us the constant struggle between generations, according to Gorky's text, children and parents, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, all doomed to misfortune. Only those who can will be saved. The real struggle for the fulfilment of our dreams. Who and what stands in the way of our happiness? A performance about the quiet things, the lack of dialogue and the burning need to love. What turns us from humans into monsters when it comes to achieving our happiness and the need to be free?" - Dumitru Acriș
Estimated duration:1h 45min
Premiere Date:29-09-2023
Age limit:Performance not recommended to those under the age of 16
Translation:Performance presented in German with Romanian translation