Cioran temptation

a poetical autobiography after the life and works of Emil Cioran
Text: Gavriil Pinte
Directed by: Gavriil Pinte
Direction Assistant: Vicențiu Rahău
Emil Cioran: Marius Turdeanu
Cast: Veronica Arizancu, Mihai Coman, Roxana Ionescu, Raluca Iani, Mariana Mihu – Plier, Adrian Neacşu, Cristina Ragos, Eduard Pătrașcu, Viorel Rață, Ciprian Scurtea, Arina Ioana Trif
Cioran Temptation is an itinerant performance that takes place in a carriage tram, route Sibiu - Răşinari and return. The show is the fourth production by Gavriil Pinte in Sibiu and it aims to symbolically reconstruct the imaginary journey of the great Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran, back to Răşinari. The itinerary begins at the main entrance of the Open Air Museum and continues, with short stops, along Dumbrava Forest to Răşinari village, where the audience is invited to come down for a longer stay. The journey continues back to Sibiu, keeping the fascinating atmosphere full of lyricism and musicality. Events are presented to viewers in chronological order: the birth, the childhood, the banishment from home, aging, the late love for Friedgard Thoma and the final image of his death.
2011 ”UNITER Awards Gala”- Nomination: The best actor in the main role Marius Turdeanu
23 April 2011, Bucharest, UNITER Awards Gala
Estimated duration:1h 30min
Premiere Date:14-05-2011