Text: Eugen O’Brien
Direcret by: Cristian Juncu
Cast: Serenela Mureşan, Nicu Mihoc

The performance contains strong language
Eden is the metaphorical expression of a marital paradise in decay. Based on the text by the Irish playwright Eugene O’Brien, the tragi-comedy focuses on the actors Nicu Mihoc and Serenela Mureşan, in an exchange of sarcastic, ironic and auto ironic monologues around the Biblical myth of temptation and the daring to fall into temptation regardless of the consequences. The action takes place during a weekend. The same story is told from different angles, through monologues which intersect and shape the couple’s desires, fantasies, happenings and frustrations. Billy is a drunk loser, full of cravings and a fanatic about football and Breda is a woman with plenty of complexes. Their relationship falls apart because the lack of communication. In the end, Billy and Breda become to halves which do not fit anymore.

This performance had its world premiere in the year 2000, at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. For ”Eden”, Eugene O’Brien received the Best Play Award, within the Irish Times Gala 2001 and the Stewart Parker Best New Play Award 2001. Two years later, he was also awarded with the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature, with ”Eden” translated in six European languages, including Romanian.
Estimated duration:1h 5min
Premiere Date:12-01-2012
Age limit:Performance not recommended to those under the age of 14