Text: W. Shakespeare
Directed by: Radu-Alexandru Nica
Translation: Ion Vinea , Rareş Moldovan
Scenography: Dragoş Buhagiar
Choreography: Florin Fieroiu
Video: Daniel Gontz
Original music: Vlaicu Golcea
Dramatization: Radu-Alexandru Nicu, Oana Stoica
Fencing master: Peter Habala
Light design: Dragoş Buhagiar, Radu-Alexandru Nica
Cast: Ciprian Scurtea, Ofelia Popii, Mariana Mihu – Plier, Cătălin Pătru, Adrian Matioc, Vlad Robaș, Adrian Neacşu, Codruţa Vasiu, Pali Vecsei
Hamlet is our contemporary. If we transform pending, the attribute ab initio in weakness, we discover the man of today, devoured by overwhelming responsibilities. Hamlet is an eminently urban character, and urban diseases do not get round him. It’s not by chance that he is a Freudian matrix and, as we know, psychoanalysis is a metropolitan trend. Therefore, we started our approach from the traditional Hamlet performance, starring Lawrence Olivier. Given this standardized traditional Hamletian interpretation as well as the Romanian declamatory performative style, we preferred a lucid distance. We went for an almost cinematic building-up of the text and a debate on the classical rhetorical performances that have embodied over time mature theatre directing visions. The construction of theatrical puzzles in performance rises on the deconstruction of the text. Without betting on the dark side of the ambivalence of the Prince of Denmark, we chose the rebel without a cause. His ludic spirit is close to lucidity and right on the edge, there is madness. Hamlet gives another dimension to theatre in the world and his memory, objective and affective is Horatio. The rest is silence. (Oana Stoica and Radu-Alexandru Nica)
8 October 2008, Alba Iulia, "Stories for children and adults" Theater Festival
6, 8 noiembrie 2008, Bucharest, ”National Theatre Festival”
23 noiembrie 2008, Timișoara, ”Jubilee German State Theater in Timisoara”
10 august 2009, Gdynia, Polonia, ”The International Shakespeare Festival”, Gdansk
Estimated duration:1h 45min
Premiere Date:16-03-2008