Mozart steps

Text: Gigi Căciuleanu
Directed by: Gigi Căciuleanu
Scenography and Light Design: Gigi Căciuleanu
Assistant Choreographer: Adriana Bârză-Cârstea
Assitant Scenography: Alin Gavrilă
Cast: Veronica Arizancu, Florin Coşuleţ, Ali Deac, Diana Fufezan, Raluca Iani, Adrian Matioc, Adrian Neacşu, Cătălin Pătru, Daniel Plier, Vlad Robaș, Marius Turdeanu, Liviu Vlad, Arina Ioana Trif, Anca Pitaru, Vlad Bacalu, Anton Balint, Cristina Blaga-Tomuș, Paul Bondane, Iulia Popa, Tudor Răileanu, Maria Soilică, Cristian Timbuş, Maria Tomoiagă, Alexandra Şerban
The dancer is defined as a funambulist, suspended above the ground, always trying to reach equilibrium by the continuous act of recovering himself in a life and death situation. The many cultural references embedded in this show create a space that excels in energy and uses the body of actors to create a vibrant and poetic imaginarium. The soundtrack is a reinterpretation of Mozart's world, a parallel between classical Western music and Eastern rhythms of the eternal Egypt, through a montage created by Hugues Curzon and Ahmed Maghreby.

Gigi Căciuleanu is the founder of the Contemporary Dance Studio at the Grand Théâtre de Nancy in France, the former artistic manager of the National Choreography Centre in Rennes and one of the founding members of the International Dance Council of UNESCO. His choreographies entered the repertoire of the Opera in Paris, Lyon and Avignon, of Pina Bausch's company: Wuppertaler Tanztheater, of the Hamburg Opera, the Opera in Rome, of Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the Welsh National Opera in Cardiff, of the SODRE in Montevideo, the Teatro Municipal in Sao Paolo, where he works with the Brazilian dance company Cisne Negro, the Bat-Dor company in Israel. He divides his choreographic work between his company in Paris and the Chilean National Ballet, where he worked as artistic manager. He is declared best international choreographer of the year by the Circle of Art Critics from Chile and receives the Altazor Award – the Chilean equivalent of the Oscar - for the second time.
12 November 2013, Bucharest, ”Life is beautiful - festival”
12 October 2014, Iași, ”Iasi International Theater Festival for Young Audiences”
27 October 2014, Bucharest, ”National Theatre Festival”
24 November 2014, Arad, ”Arad International Classical Theater Festival”
9 June 2015, Cluj Napoca, România
Estimated duration: 1h 05min
Premiere Date:13-09-2013