The Misunderstanding

By: Albert Camus
Directed by: Bobi Pricop 
Set Design: Oana Micu
Costumes: Oana Micu and Lucian Rusu
Sound Design: Eduard Gabia
Light Design: Costi Baciu

The Mother – Diana Văcaru-Lazăr
Martha – Cendana Trifan
Jan – Marius Turdeanu
Maria – Raluca Iani
The Servant – Pali Vecsei
Video - Daria Mitea and Darius Blemovici

Technical Director: Ștefan Bucșa
Video: Claudiu Mihăilescu
Sound: Bogdan Ropcean
Lights: Sergiu Pașcalău
Props: Nicolae Dogaru
Wardrobe: Angelica Cosma
Makeup: Elena Vlad
Project manager: Claudia Maior
The performance brings one of Albert Camus' essential plays to the audience in a captivating directorial version. We invite you to a new Bobi Pricop production, a metaphor about the "misunderstanding" between family members reflecting conflicts and means of salvation in a world caught up in a state of emergency.

"The Misunderstanding is one of the fundamental plays of the 20th century, a text more relevant today than ever, because it speaks of loneliness, alienation, the masks we wear as part of our various social roles, and particularly the impossibility of authentic communication, especially with the people closest to us. The show becomes valuable through the new accents it emphasizes in Camus' text and is, first and foremost, a radiography of the surface differences that we allow to separate us, despite all the things we profoundly have in common." – Bobi Pricop 
Estimated duration:1h 50min
Premiere Date:15-09-2023