The Fox

Text: D. H. Lawrence
Directed by: Florin Zamfirescu
Dramatization: Allan Miller
Translation: Cătălina Mustaţă
Scenography: Alin Gavrilă
Assistant to the director: Diana Fufezan
Cast: Veronica Arizancu, Cendana Trifan, Florin Coşuleţ
In the place where a sole woman resides, it is necessary that her name be Eva…

When a second woman makes her appearance, feminism is born already, with all its issues.

Two young women retreat in a secluded cabin, deciding to leave behind the ravaged world of a devastating and dehumanizing war. They live alone and provide for themselves, managing their existence as well as they can. They are close friends until a man comes into the picture, the snake, as one of them describes him in the end, the rebellious and shy young man that they have to welcome under their roof.

The complicated process of conscience taking place in the remote cabin represents a challenge that ends with… what you will see by watching the performance The Fox by Henry Miller, at the Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu. - Florin Zamfirescu
Estimated duration:1h 20min
Premiere Date:09-04-2005