The gingerbread lady

Text: Neil Simon
Directed by: Șerban Puiu
Scenography: Iuliana Gherghescu
Cast: Mariana Mihu – Plier, Nicu Mihoc, Veronica Arizancu, Raluca Iani, Florin Coşuleţ, Alexandru Malaicu
The Gingerbread Lady is a romantic comedy with touching moments and scenes of strong dramatic tension. The play was published in 1970, it is structured in three acts and was first played on Broadway at Plymouth Theatre. The performance of Sibiu theatre is faithful to the original text and brings in the spotlight Evy Meara, a former singer whose career and marriage were destroyed by alcohol. After being discharged from an alcohol rehab, Evy (Mariana Mihu) returns to her apartment in New York, determined to build a new life. The femme fatale attitude of the artist is confirmed once again by the appearance on stage of the Spanish courier Manuel (Alexandru Malaicu), tricked by the woman to leave without asking for cash payment. The teenage daughter of the artist shows up, Polly ( Veronica Arizancu), who assumes the role of parent as the mother's situation turns to worse. Jimmy (Nicu Mihoc) and Toby (Raluca Iani), the artist's closest friends, try to be close to her at this time, but they are too caught up in their own dramas, real and imaginary, in order to evaluate the woman's condition. Meanwhile, the musician Lou (Florin Coşuleţ), reappears in the life of Evy to ask her to make it up. All these events are too unbearable for Evy who suffers a nervous breakdown and returns to old habits, alienating her family and friends. The director of the performance manages to weld the scenes keeping a fast pace, without losing the refreshing and fun spirit of the text.
The New York atmosphere of the 1970’s is reflected by the music, costumes and the set of designer Iuliana Gherghescu decor, which reconstructs to the smallest detail the apartment of a building in West Manhattan.
18 April 2011, Alba Iulia, tour held in cultural partnership with AMBIENT (Alba24)
4 March 2015, Deva, România (Servus press)
Estimated duration:2h
Premiere Date:04-02-2011