The story of the panda bears

Text: Matei Vișniec
Directed by: Ben Pascal
Live Projektions: Remo Rauscher
Music: Astrid Wiesinger
Stage design: Gerd Walter
Cast: Daniel Bucher, Kristin Henkel
A surreal love story, a charming poetic drama about the relationship between everyday life and the world of dreams.
A man wakes up next to a woman. He doesn't remember anything. Who is she? How did he get to this room? What is the connection between them? The two arrange to meet for another nine nights, during which time they move further and further away from reality. They are caught in mutual agreements, they wander through childhood memories together, they communicate without words and they are together in their absence. Gradually, the show turns into an intense and surreal love story, a story in which the lines between the visible and the invisible are blurred ...
The woman and the man who wake up one morning in the same bed are strangers. There are nine more nights in which they find themselves. But the more familiar they become, the stranger they become to the public. In their jointly created language, they traverse the spaces of their union, which begin to materialize in the form of objects on the stage. But, soon, the lovers become disembodied and begin a courageous adventure in which they find absolute union. What he leaves behind is an obsessive poetry of images.
Romanian author Matei Vişniec is one of the most played playwrights since the fall of the Ceausescu regime. Today, Vişniec wants to write "about the unnatural relations between man and death, man and immortality, man and love, man and loneliness".
"The beautiful journey of the panda bears told by a saxophonist who had a girlfriend in Frankfurt" is a dream of love. The piece is like a crystal: everyone sees a different color. A love story that reveals miracles. One of the most beautiful and radical recent pieces about love, which develops into an obsessive game about the limits of love and desire. An imaginative game of love, sometimes full of life, sometimes melancholy, but always longing for the unexpected.

"I don't have to touch you, we dream the same dream."

Co-production with Theatre Ecce Salzburg Austria
2021 - 01 July - Theatre Ecce Salzburg Austria
2021 - 04 July- Theatre Ecce Salzburg Austria
2021 - 10 July- Theatre Ecce Salzburg Austria
2021 - 15 July- Theatre Ecce Salzburg Austria
Estimated duration: 1h 15min
Premiere Date:17-06-2021
Translation:Performance presented in German with Romanian translation