Conference with Constantin Chiriac and Constantin Necula in dialogue with Florin Piersic, available on the Digital Stage

The conference with Constantin Chiriac and Constantin Necula in dialogue with Florin Piersic for World Theatre Day is available starting April on the Digital Stage, the online platform for theater, film, music, and dance of the "Radu Stanca" National Theatre in Sibiu (TNRS). The event on the 27th of March was very well received by the audience. Tickets for the theater were sold out in record time, and now TNRS offers the audience the chance to watch online a dialogue that was focused on theater and friendship. An event dedicated to the audience, which is our reason of being! We invite you to join us for an evening full of emotion and joy that is hard to describe in words: poetry, music, fascinating stories about theater, and priceless memories. The play "Faust in the Moonlight" by the Japanese company TC Alp by Kazuyoshi Kushida is one of the premieres this month on the Digital Stage. At midnight, under the moonlight, an old man falls prey to chimeras. Memories from Kushida's childhood intertwine with German folk legends and the story of the alchemist Dr. Faust. Then the world comes to an end... This one-man show by Kazuyoshi Kushida was born in a gazebo near a pond in a park while many theaters were closing due to the coronavirus pandemic. An exceptional one-man show where the story of the famous doctor becomes a means of introspection. A unique way to explore one’s own biography.


Starting this month, audiences can also watch the premiere of "Spanish Chords" by Paco Díez & Raúl Olivar from Spain on the Digital Stage. The show consists of a rich collection of Sephardic songs, originating mainly from the countries that welcomed the Spanish Jews after their expulsion from Sefarad – or the Iberian Peninsula, at the end of the 15th century. The songs evoke "flavors" of the culture they carried with them to their adopted countries over the centuries. These songs are interspersed with Spanish sounds, with traditional Iberian rhythms full of "charm," which in turn gave birth to and influenced the famous flamenco. An exceptional duo that revisits an exuberant musical heritage, offering us the opportunity to discover the sounds that would establish the flamenco style.

Tickets and Subscriptions on the Digital Stage:

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The monthly subscription costs 49 lei/month.

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