“Faust” Hall

Strada Triajului 1-3

Event Types

clasic, modern, experimental, circ, dans, concert



Fabrica de Cultură (The Culture Factory) is one of the most ambitious architectural rehabilitation projects in Romania – a decommissioned factory converted into a place meant to host a variety of cultural events. The factory is divided into three big halls, each with its own distinctive purpose, and is currently hosting some of the most notable theatre productions in Sibiu, including “Faust”, directed by Silviu Purcărete.

“Faust” and “Lulu”, named after Silviu Purcărete’s homonymous productions, are two of the most iconic performance halls in Sibiu. During FITS, the two host numerous theatre productions, dance performances, and contemporary circus shows. This industrial space adapted for drama experiments and modern choreography, in particular, gathers over 10,000 spectators from around the world every year.
The “Faust” Hall hosts the most important theatre production in Sibiu, “Faust”, directed by Silviu Purcărete, as well as the photo exhibition dedicated to this performance.